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Suzanne Paul – But wait there’s more!

This self help guide gives a great overview of the life and successes for Suzanne, but at the same time gives an amazing insight into the psychology and the grit and determination that Suzanne has which has allowed her to deal with big challenges in her life, and emerge through it stronger and with such an indomitable spirit.

Find out how exactly you can grow your life, and push through!

‘I’ve been to hell and back and twice round the roundabout, and I know how to go from rags to riches. I also know that if you can dream it, you can live it.’ Growing up in working-class poverty in the Midlands, Suzanne Paul came to New Zealand in 1991 with just $18 in her pocket and a determination to make her fortune.

Within five years she had become a successful businesswoman and a multimillionaire, going on to become a popular television personality and sought-after motivational speaker.

Then in 2005 Suzanne lost everything and was declared bankrupt. But, instead of giving up, she picked herself up and started again with nothing. Suzanne is now rebuilding her life and her business empire.

In But Wait There’s More Suzanne shares her childhood, her difficult teenage years, her heartaches and her triumphs all with her unique humour and honesty, in the hope that it will inspire and encourage others facing their own battles. Her step-by-step guide also shows you exactly how to get back on your feet when life feels too hard and the road ahead too long.


5 reviews for But wait there’s more!

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    Hey Suzanne. My name is Rachel, I’m 17, and was having a super rough year, when last night I read your book – from start to finish. You are an unbelievable character, and the strength you have shown during your ups and downs is phenomenal. You have inspired me to get back out there, and pick up my dreams off the floor, for the first time in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Rachel

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    Hi Suzanne
    I have just finished reading your book and I wanted to let you know that not only has it inspired me to get off my bum and turn my plans into actions, it has also made me realise that anything can be achieved. After reading about your life and your absolute determination I feel recharged and admire you greatly for your tenacious spirit and positive attitude. Like you, I am a born Salesperson and having just recently resigned from my last Sales role after 18 mths..I have been job hunting for ‘the right” career move but after 2 months I now realise that if I don’t know what I on earth can I possibly find it?. Thank You for the stiletto up the bum and am now interviewing with new found gusto! By the way..never you mind about that Mutton dressed as Lamb look fab and have the best pins I have seen on a woman regardless of age or stature. Didn’t anyone ever tell you amazing things come in small packages! hee hee.
    Keep up the great work!
    Kind Regards to you and Duncan

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    Dear Suzanne and Duncan

    Hello there!

    It’s a Sunday morning – and on a very rare occasion, I have been able to stay in bed for a while! I have just finished reading your book Suzanne

    I just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU.

    Your ups and downs, challenges in life. Suzanne have been very interesting to read. I am glad that you took the time and energy to write and share the book (it’s always very hard I find to emotionally go over fine hurtful, discouraging details of the past, but when you do you, you often find something else and realise what hardships you have had then and conquered past!). .

    I am sure that your book will also help explain to others the various knots, turns and struggles you have had to date. What courage, to expose your whole life for people like me to learn from.

    For me, right now, I have hit “rock bottom” again and haven’t been able to get out of the endless worry, stress and disillusionment cycle for a while now (while putting on a brave face and “acting out” so that during the day, at work etc no one would ever know what’s really going on!).

    But your book has lifted me with some much needed inspiration and pushing this morning. That’s why I immediately wanted to email you and give you the feedback that you have already helped one person since the launch of your book.

    Again, many thanks.

    I truly wish you both a very happy, close and restful Sunday.

    Kind regards

  4. :

    Hi Suzanne,

    Just a very special thank you. I’ve just finished reading your book. I have to admit as an engineer, a book by a makeup and dancing queen is not really the sort of book I’d gravitate to! However, my life has roughly mirrored yours in its ups and downs (albeit several zeros less in the bank account in the ups and possibly a dollar or two more in the downs!).

    However, I’ve been largely in the doldrums over the last couple of years – largely due to a couple of bad business decisions. As a result my partner and I have felt that everything we touch (or dont touch) just turns around and bites us.

    Your book has given me a good swift kick where I needed it, and my partner is now reading it. We both appreciate your candour and honesty in your writing.

    We are now doing an inventory of our “assets” and liabilities with the aim of doing a bit of de-cluttering. We also have several business opportunities we are actively investigating.

    We wish you and Duncan all the best and honestly believe with your energy, attitude, and abilities your success is inevitable.


    John Russell

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    Dear Suzanne

    I never write letters like this, but I have just finished your book and have to thank you from the bottom of my heart .. I think you may well have saved my life.
    I’ve been through a really rough 18 months and yesterday I just felt I couldn’t keep going – it just felt like my whole life was crumbling in front of me. I was trying to deal with a huge personal disappointment, struggling to cope with sharing custody of my two children, and facing an uncertain financial future working as a freelancer in a vulnerable industry, and unable to motivate myself to sort out my personal finances. I didn’t know how to talk to my partner about it all and I felt rigid with fear that I would end up with no money and nowhere to live and lose custody of my children.
    I sat in the garden and cried and cried and cried and felt so desperate. My flatmate was leaving for work and saw me and pulled your book out from her bag and handed it to me to read. She had only just bought it and hadn’t even read it herself, but something must have told her it would help me. I didn’t get a chance to read it until today and then I read it cover to cover in one sitting while my son was playing ice hockey.
    I feel so much more positive and able to formulate a plan to get through things in the short-term and start dreaming about the life I want. I’m going to draw up my personal goals chart as you suggested and start working towards achieving them.
    Thank you so much (and I know my wonderful partner would thank you too). I’ve always admired your tenacity, energy, strength and above all your ethics. I do hope you continue to achieve your dreams too.


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