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Inspirational speaker, Suzanne Paul, came from Wolverhamption in 1991 with just $18 in her pocket and a lot of determination. She went on to build the country’s most successful direct marketing company, Prestige Marketing, developing and selling such products as Natural Glow and the Suzanne Clip.

Just five years later, armed only with her infectious optimism and incredible sales skills, she sold the company and became one of the country’s much loved personalities and keynote speakers, with her own TV shows and also taking out the Dancing with the Stars title in 2007.

Suzanne Paul grew up in the Working Class poverty of England, determined to escape the miserable streets of Wolverhampton.

She arrived in New Zealand aged 35 with just $18 in her purse, no job, no qualifications and no prospects. Against the odds, within 5 years she became a successful business woman and a multimillionaire.

She went on to have her own hit TV shows, becoming a household name and one of the Country’s much loved celebrities and a sought after motivational speaker.

In 2005 due to several bad investments and a failed marriage, Suzanne lost everything, and was declared bankrupt.

At 50 years of age Suzanne hit rock bottom, but instead of giving up, which she felt like doing many times, she picked herself up and started again with nothing.

In 2007 Suzanne was crowned winner in the TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competing against women half her age. She is now happily married and is busy rebuilding her empire.

Suzanne believes that if you can dream it, you can live it. 

In But Wait There’s More Suzanne shares her childhood, her traumatic Teenage years, her heartaches and her triumphs all with her unique Humour and honesty.

Her step by step guide also shows you exactly how to get back on your feet when life feels too hard and the road ahead too long.

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