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Suzanne draws on her own unique background and experience to inspire and motivate others, in an entertaining & energetic presentation. Her ability to make people laugh as a motivational speaker is second to none and she draws on her many hilarious life experiences




“I can think of five people straight away who can do with the sort of practical useful advice Suzanne doles out. This book is a winner – just like Suzanne..”

“You are an unbelievable character, and the strength you have shown during your ups and downs is phenomenal. You have inspired me to get back out there, and pick up my dreams off the floor.”

“I feel so much more positive and able to formulate a plan to get through things in the short-term and start dreaming about the life I want. I’m going to draw up my personal goals chart as you suggested and start working towards achieving them.”

“Thank you so much I’ve always admired your tenacity, energy, strength and above all your ethics. I do hope you continue to achieve your dreams too.”

“I now realise that if I don’t know what I want.. how on earth can I possibly find it?. Thank You for the stiletto up the bum and am now interviewing with new found gusto!”

“I have just finished reading your book and I wanted to let you know that not only has it inspired me to get off my bum and turn my plans into actions, it has also made me realise that anything can be achieved.”

“Your book has given me a good swift kick where I needed it, and my partner is now reading it. We both appreciate your candour and honesty in your writing.”

“I have an absolute aversion to self help books . I think they’re airy fairy crap. But Suzanne tells it like it is. There’s nothing spooky about her advice. It’s the sort of get on with it practical advice you’d expect from a girl from the Midlands. She will rise again – I have no doubt about that but.”

“After reading about your life and your absolute determination I feel recharged and admire you greatly for your tenacious spirit and positive attitude. Like you.”

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